February 2019 Blog

On the 10th of February, I was at Osprey Leisure Centre for the RYA Youth Fitness Profiling where I conducted a variety of fitness tests which were press-ups, sublime pull-ups, T-test, trunk test, standing long jump and the multi stage fitness test (beep test). All of these are done so the RYA has an overall picture of our fitness and strong and weak areas to work on. Firstly, I did the push-up test to 1 second beeps, I had to go up on one beep and down on the next, for this I got 29 push ups, after this I did pull ups, the same beep system was used for this, I got 20 for this test. After that I did the agility T-test in which I scored 10.34 seconds which I was proud of. After the T-test I did the trunk test where I had to support my upper body with lower back and glutes for 3 minutes, I managed to compete this which was very pleasing. Once this was over, I did the standing long jump where I have to stand up to a line and jump as far as I can, for this I scored 2.29m which I was disappointed with but I still reached the bench mark which I was pleased with. Once all of these tests were completed I had to do the multi stage fitness test, for this I scored 12.01 which I was pleased with but I could have done better if my knees didn’t cause my any issues. Overall I scored 95% in the tests and the only one I didn’t reach the benchmark with was the sublime pull-ups which I missed by 2. Overall I got higher scores than last year in most things showing I have a high level of fitness, which I am going to continue to work on to improve further.

On the 16th, I was at the WPNSA for T1 training. Here we were working on decision making and the 3 main factors involved in this, there are marks, fleet and environment, we need to think about all of these but not at the same time to decide where the first gain factor is and where the next one is once we reach this gain. At most we should focus 2 of the 3 aspects. We did one long session on the water where we did a variety of different drills and then headed out of the harbour to do some racing in big waves. I placed fairly well in the drills and races which I was pleased with.

On the 17th, we carried on working on the same 3 factors but doing different drills and we spend more time out of the harbour doing more races with big swell and shifting with constantly shifting to the right. We then did some video reviews and a debrief.

Next month, I have the dinghy show and 3 qualifiers so stay tuned on social media to hear more about what I’m getting up to and see more pictures. IMG_20190221_082804_970

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